Jessica Simpson

Out Of This World Designer Shoes By Jessica Simpson

Written by Wallace Muya

Jessica Simpson is a well-known international celebrity. She made her way to the limelight in the year 1999.

She is popularly known for her music that is in different genres. These genres include R&B, Pop, Dance-pop as well as electro-pop. She is also a songwriter; reality shows personality, actress and better yet, a fashion designer.

Jessica has a passion for looking good. Since she was already a fashion designer, she took the opportunity to start up her line.

It involves clothes, bags, jewelry, fragrances as well as shoes. They are trendy and not too expensive. She loves the comfort and therefore, Jessica ensures that anything on her fashion line is comfortable. She is particularly interested in women’s fashion.

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Her collection has adopted a more girlish style and is more appropriate for the younger group.Jessica Simpson’s collection of women’s shoes is diverse and fascinating.

The shoes are uniquely trendy with a different touch of style. These shoes are characterized with fine details and absolute feminine flattery. When it comes to the wedges, they are quite flirty and classy as well. There are also sexy strappy stilettos that are good for evening dinners.

Beautiful designer shoes by Jessica Simpson

All the shoes are named as “Jessica Simpson”. However, to identify the shoe, each has their particular identity name. For instance;

The wedges include Violas that come in different colors and have no back strap, Rebi that has thick straps and has a back strap that goes around the ankle and also Ellrose that is similar to Rebi but has thinner straps.

As a potential client, you can simply purchase Jessica Simpson women’s shoes at Nordstrom store. It is an upscale fashion retail store that deals with shoes, bags, and other accessories.

Most of the shoes in Jessica Simpson’s collection are available at this store. The quality of the shoe is just as good.

The best deal about this retail store is the ability to ship a particular product to a client who is in one of their registered codes of delivery. All the same, the shipping is not free, but it is a very convenient and reliable source.

The different Jessica Simpson women’s shoes are available at Dillards, which is a department store that deals with accessories and fashion products. It is also a reliable distributor of the Jessica Simpson shoe collection.

It is a chain that is located in different regions in the United States. There are up to 330 stores opened in 28 states. These shoes are also expensive due to their availability to the customers. This department store gives the client the option of ordering for a particular shoe and size.

Jessica Simpson Sandals are ideally the do-it-all pair of shoes. They have pretty prints and interesting designs.

The Rosetta is an example. It has a base of either black and white polka dots or strips. The straps are then made of different colors such as pink, black or white.

There is also the Jessica Simpson Radient and the Garvey which both have back straps that go around the ankle. The Jessica Simpson Garvey sandal has straps in various colors such as black, white, blue and also pink.

The Roelle, on the other hand, does not have a back strap and is quite similar to the bathroom-slipper design. The most interesting sandal is the Kyla beaded thong sandals.

In addition to the flat sandals, Jessica Simpson’s collection also has heeled as well as wedged sandals. The high-heeled and platform sandals are particularly appropriate for evening events such as dinners. These sandals include Belamy platform sandal, Rayli evening sandal, and the Rayanna T-strap sandal.

When it comes to the Jessica Simpson boots and handbags, they are to die for. They are extremely up-to-the-minute. They have fine details, and each boot has its unique style.

The Jessica Simpson Addey Booties are sleek and available in brown and black.

The Remixx Booties are also quite a fashion statement. It is a combination of a wedge as well as an ankle boot and is made of suede. It is available in black and brown.

There are also bots to satisfy the knee-length boot lovers. With the Rheila Boots that are classy with a touch of antique styling.

The bags that are available in the Jessica Simpson collection are chic and are available for some occasions. They are for both casual as well as formal events. They are also available in varying sizes.

The bags are available in different colors and made of different materials from leather to suede. They are named in the same way that the shoes are named i.e. starting with “Jessica Simpson” then its identification name.

The formal handbags include; Alicia Satchel, Erica Drawstring, Priscila Satchel, and Abbey Satchel among others.

There are handbags that are also just tailored to be for casual events such as a weekend afternoon at the mall. These bags include the Abbey Crossbody, Monica Crossbody as well as Evonne Drawstring Crossbody.

The Jessica Simpson collection is worth your time and money. The items are of the best quality, and the style is certainly an international trademark. Her shoe labels are also well elaborated in

From the shoes to the bags, there are no disappointments. The price only matters on the source in which you opt to use to get the products.

Beautiful designer shoes

Steve Madden women’s shoes are an incredible fashion statement. Steve Madden is a one of America’s most success shoe designers.

Eventually, the name became a shoe brand. Steve Madden was the in charge of designing and marketing the shoes that trended the best in his company.

He has more than one trending line of fashion products. These lines include Madden Girl, Steve Madden as well as The Peace Love Shae Collection.

His style in fashion is inclusive for all age groups and genres as well. His fashion line includes sunglasses, high heels, and purses. Besides that, this fashion line has not left out the men’s shoes.

The women’s shoes in the Steve Madden’s collection are just as trendy and stylish. They are not too expensive. These shoes are in a variety of styles. They are stilettos, ballerina shoes, wedges, high heeled pumps, sandals and even boots. The shoes are also made to be classy without compromising the comfort of the wearer.