Ladies Designer Shoes

Eye Catching Ladies designer shoes With Modern Uniqueness

Written by Wallace Muya

Ladies designer shoes are those shoe items that highlight a designer’s tastes, preferences and style over an ordinary manufacturer. Designer shoes are more inclined to suit the fashionable woman’s needs.

The quality of the shoe is high, and they are made out of stylish and quality materials such as good quality insole. They come in different types, to suit every kind of woman. They range from pumps, heels, sneakers, boots, sandals, trainers, to flats.

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Their comfort and style are cutting edge, and for this reason, drive so many women into spending lots of money on them. Today, numerous shoe designers exist, all offering something unique about their taste.

Some of the reputable designer brands include Luis Onofre, Peter Kaiser, Pretty Ballerina, Louboutin, Vivienne Westwood, Gucci, and Prada. Sometimes, a girl needs shoes from various designers; for the sake of having variety in color, style or trends.

Other times, a woman has a specific preference in shoes, and would be more inclined to purchasing from one shoe designer. For these reasons, you can look through what various shoe designers have to offer; to see which designer brands work for you, and which designer shoe stores have what you need. Here are some examples:

Luis Onofre shoes

Luis Onofre shoes have a distinct look. The style of shoes alternates between nude colors and metallic looks. Both of these are just a perfect addition to the wardrobe, and just scream out sophistication and luxury.

The wide range of low sandals, high sandals, and heels are the catchy alternatives for today’s woman. The nude colors are perfect to wear during the day, and can be dressed up in a nice dress, or dressed down with a great pair of heels and a blouse.

On the other hand, the metallic shoes are perfect for night and can easily take the place of your neutral color choices for shoes.

Ladies Designer Shoes

Cachet shoes Southport

Cachet is a nice designer shoe shop in Southport. The shop is known for selling fabulous shoes as well as giving its customers amazing customer service.

Some of the brands of shoes sold in this shop include names such as Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood. Some of the captivating things about cachet shoes South port store are its Christmas offers of about 25% off designer labels that every woman would envy.

By housing various luxurious designer shoes brands, you, the tasteful woman, can have a pick of your favorite shoes at different unique styles, materials, colors and prices. This store leaves you spoilt for choice.

Panaches shoes

Panaches shoes offer a selection of some of the finest footwear.  These designer brands of shoes include brands such as Peter Kaiser, Pretty Ballerina, Tommy Hilfiger, Gabor and Chie Mihara.

Women can great options of shoes that cater to their comfort, style, and quality preferences. Even better is the fact that not only occasional shoes are sold, but also more practical everyday footwear, which can suit all kinds of weather as well as fitness regimens.

Barneys Louboutin designer shoes

The Louboutin shoes have a distinct trademark. This is the red sole. Additionally, the shoes are so high end and speak volumes about shoe tastes and class.

Women across the globe purchase the brand because of its quality and reputation, and Barneys did not miss the opportunity to have some sort of partnership with the brand. Barneys offers a great range of Louboutins, from heels, flats, and boots to studded loafers.


How to Authenticate Ladies Designer Shoes

Ladies designer shoes can be quite expensive. For this reason, each woman should know how to authenticate a designer shoe from a knockoff, especially if they are not in front of you at the very moment; such as in situations where you are purchasing online.

It is important for you as a consumer to determine the real from the fake, because you are not only paying such mind-blowing sums of money for the brand, but also for a good quality shoe with great workmanship.

Identifying a counterfeit shoe from a real one may take some practice or should I say skill. Some may actually have an authenticity code, however finding it may be a problem especially for a new ladies designer shoes shopper.

Below are a few tips that can help you discern a fake shoe from the designer shoe.

  1. The workmanship

A real ladies shoe designer puts in accuracy, craftsmanship and care into the shoes. Always look if the shoe has been made well, and finished well also.  When trying out the shoe, it needs to be sturdy, and the clasps and buckles need to be firm and secure for fastening.

The feel of the shoe will also tell about its authenticity. For example, a designer leather shoe should feel supple and soft despite it being a second-hand find or not. The second-hand shoe should definitely show some signs of wear; however, the quality of the item and its integrity should still be noticeable.

  1. The price.

Designer shoes cost quite a lot of money, mostly, over 200 dollars. It then would be strange for you to purchase a shoe that costs way less than this and actually think that it is designer.

Authentic ladies designer shoes are quite expensive, and an incredibly low shoe price should strike an alarm in your mind. Second-hand ladies, designer shoes sellers can also sell shoes that are not authentic.

Therefore, a second-hand designer shoe must not cost less than 30% of the original price by the designer.

Ladies Designer Shoes

  1. The logo

Strive to check the authenticity of the logo on your designer shoe. Most designers usually engrave the logo on the shoe in areas such as the inner sole, rather than stamping the logo on.

The logo also has to be correct, because some counterfeit designers print an unauthentic logo that looks quite similar to the real designer one.

  1. The location of sales

Always check to see where your selected shoe is being shipped from. Most designer shoes are made in Europe and not china. Also, if the address of the person you are purchasing from is from an address such as china, you probably should think twice about that purchase.

Additionally, if your designer shoes come in plastic bags without any form of authentication, then it is most likely a fake. Ladies designer shoes usually come packaged in the right boxes that have identification tags that ensure the buyer of their authenticity; despite being purchased from a physical location or being purchased online and shipped.

  1. The dealer

To avoid any headaches of purchasing ladies designer shoes that are fake, simply buy from an authorized dealer. Most times, making the purchase in person is the best alternative.

It allows you to directly buy from the brand or an authorized dealer. If purchasing online be sure to read through the customer reviews that will with no doubt speak volumes about the integrity of the shoes sold.

Why Should You Purchase Legit Designer Shoes?

Fake designer shoes are usually designed to look like they are of the actual fashion brand, but they are just low-quality fakes. So why is it so important to purchase authentic designer shoes?

Firstly, it diminishes the integrity of the artist/ designer. People who purchase fake items are responsible for tarnishing the designer shoes bands.  This is because the clients or customers who can afford them slowly begin to find them undesirable.

Secondly, purchasing fake designer shoes hurts the brand. It takes sales off the store where a talented team spent lots of money and time to create the pieces.

Thirdly, there are some ethical reasons linked to counterfeit designer shoes. For instance, some of the counterfeit designer shoes are made in some very horrid and unethical working environments. They include factories that are hazardous and unsafe for its workers.

So purchasing authentic designer shoes should be a motivation, especially because of the ethical reasons, and to support the growth of the brands.

Women’s Designer Shoes for Less

Women’s designer shoes can have pocket denting price tags. However, you can still find women’s designer shoes for less in very interesting ways.

  1. Purchasing women’s designer shoes in seasons.

Designers like to put out shoes according to seasons. However, if you look at the kinds of shoes put out throughout various seasons, you will realize that there isn’t such a huge difference.

So you can wait for the next season, so as to purchase a designer shoe from a previous season that is still new, is of great quality, color and style, but is at a price that is way cheaper, because the designers or stores are trying to clear out their stock.

  1. Store closing

Less frequently, designer shoes stores close. At this time, you can find the most amazing deals on designer shoes than you can hardly imagine. The discount on designer shoes at store closings can go up to 50% off.

  1. Thrift store purchases

Sometimes, you can get lucky to come across a genuine pair of cool designer shoes at thrift stores. The shoes may have been worn; however, you can get a great pair that does not have serious wear and tear.

Ladies Designer Shoes 3

Even more exciting is the price tag that comes along with it. So as you go designer shoes thrifting, consider shoes that have been gently used. Also, try out the shoe before you can purchase the pair; make sure that they are steady and comfortable when you walk in them.

When it comes to heels, make sure that the heel quality is decent. The heels shouldn’t be wobbly or flimsy. Lastly, be sure to sanitize your thrifting designer shoes. After all, they aren’t new. Someone else wore them at some point in time.

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  1. eBay purchases

Women’s designer shoes for less can also be found on eBay. You can look through some of the auctions on designer shoes; make a purchase on an authentic pair of designer shoes, and save a lot of money while you are at it.

Look through the various categories that there are, and perhaps use the keyword search as well, so as to get a great pair of designer shoes on eBay. Because purchasing on eBay does not involve a physical transaction, then seek to know your seller.

Check the kind of feedback that the seller gets to see what kind of responses, negative or positive that they get. Also, check how many transactions that they have completed as well. At the end of the day, you not only want a designer shoe that costs less but also need to get a designer shoe that is authentic.

Most importantly, never make your payments with cash wire transfers. This means of payment is unsafe, and may make you miss out on a great pair of designer shoes despite paying for it.

  1. Outlet stores purchases

Another way to get women’s designer shoes for less is by making purchases at outlet stores. Outlet stores are a retail business that makes sell of the shoes to the consumer directly from the manufacturer.

By selling directly from the manufacturer, the price chop is significant, in comparison to buying from a usual traditional designer shoe store. Find out the locations for the outlet stores for the various designer shoes brands that you like, so that you can have an easy time when trying to purchase nice designer shoes for yourself, out of the blue.

  1. Store sales

You can be the kind of woman who strictly makes designer shoes purchases during store sales. This may be a bit more tasking in comparison to just simply walking into a store when you need a shoe and just purchasing it.

However, the price difference is worth the patience. If you want to be a frequent store sales purchaser, you need to know the following.

Always know when the sales are going to start. You can get this information by calling the store to find out the sales start dates, or befriend a sales associate who can be calling you to tell you when your favorite brands will be on sale.