Footwear women designs

Written by Wallace Muya

Shoes are fantastic. They are practical, they are attractive, and they are so pretty. They are an easy accessory for any lady of whichever age to pull off without much of a hassle.

They have a subtle way of luring any woman into shoe lust. Eventually, that lust turns into the temptation to dig deep into the pocket, to purchase a genuinely desirable shoe even when you don’t really need it.

Footwear women designs have come a long way over the years and are giving women an endless list of choices. I mean, with an array of shoe options to suit everyone like wedges, sandals, peep toes, platforms, ballerinas, boots, and heels; which woman wouldn’t get sucked into the whole shoe frenzy?

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But instead of picking out any random type of designer shoes, you need to look for a great brand that works for you. Different brands have their own unique fit, comfort levels, and style.

This needs to fit your preferences, especially because of the amount of money that will be spent purchasing these shoes. Additionally, the arch of the shoe needs to be realistic for you.

Perhaps you can purchase the really pretty shoe with a great arch, and reserve it for special occasions that entail a lot of sitting; rather than your day to day runs that require a lot of movement and standing. The mix of the two types would be such a great blend, especially for women who do not have so much space, or cannot afford to make many designer shoe purchases.

Some of the most famous footwear for ladies includes the flat sandal, which are suitable for casual use and dressing with maxi dresses. Then we have the boots, which are so great for use in wet weather such as in rainy seasons or regions with snow.

Next we have the heels, which are one of the most famous footwear for ladies. They give ladies an all grown look and are fantastic to wear in multiple types of occasions.

Lastly, we have the ballerina/ doll shoes. These types of footwear for ladies give a woman a young look. They are really comfortable and do not expose your feet to extreme weather conditions.

Footware designer shoe

Designer boots for women

Whether it is the bootie, the rain boots, or just a good pair of riding boots, every woman needs a good pair of boots in their closet. They are literally a must-have wardrobe item for any woman of every age and work so well in dusty, cold and wet weather.

They work well with a pair of pants or jeans, and also go well with a dressier wardrobe alternative. Because of these must-have qualities of boots, every woman should invest in a great pair or two.

Which better way is there to get a good quality, attractive and long lasting shoe than investing in designer boots for women? A good boot will dig deep into your pocket.

But hey, they last will serve you such a great while, and make every coin spent so worth it. You can opt for a high shaft boot with flat heels from brands such: as Ivanka Trump, Lanvin Tassel, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Alexander McQueen, Prada, or look for a different style from Neiman Marcus.

Whichever designer boot you opt for, you are sure to get a great pair of designer boots that is stylish and durable.

Designer sneakers for women

Sneakers used to be the gym shoe for so many years. Today, designers and women are embracing the shoe, to wear in their everyday look.

Adopting the sporty look for women in interesting ways gives the woman a low maintenance option, which is still fashion forward. They are just the best solution to more relaxed outfits, and can easily be dressed down or dressed up.

You can wear your pair with a dress, pants, shorts, or a skirt. In case the flat heeled sneakers are just not for you, you can opt for designer sneakers for women that have some really beautiful and comfortable heels.

Additionally, you can find designer sneakers in so many colors, so many style variations and designs that are far from the plain, classic sporty look. You can have them in materials such as cool metallic materials, or interesting floral prints.

Bloggers and celebrities all over the world can help to show how you can integrate your designer sneakers, into your wardrobe in cool stylish ways. The daily commute to work calls for a great pair of designer sneakers.

These pairs of shoes are comfortable and easy.  However, not every type of designer sneaker will actually work for whatever outfit you throw on, apart for the slip on sneakers. They are casual, comfortable, chic and convenient to slip on as you leave the house and to slip out of once you get to the office.

The trainer designer sneakers, on the other hand, are a bit different and call for different considerations other than appearance, color or style. Your training level and levels of use are such a huge consideration when purchasing designer sneakers for women aimed at training.

For instance, low mileage runners and high mileage runners are prone to look for different things in their designer sneakers. For instance, the: sneaker stability, the kind and amount of cushioning, and the durability of the shoe will really depend on the kind of training level or usage that you will do.

An informed store assistant would recommend a great pair for you depending on your category. Additionally, frequent trainer designer sneaker users have greater ability to make more informed decisions on the sneaker that they can purchase.

Footware designer shoe

Why? Because their previous experiences with the sneakers they purchased, should give signals on whether to retain the sneaker brand that they currently use; or if they need to seek for trainer designer sneaker elsewhere. For instance, how well your designer sneaker aligns your body as you train will help you determine whether to move on or stay put.

The right sneaker aligns your foot well. As a result, the sneaker allows you to train well and in a healthier manner. You can either naturally have a neutral gait which means that your ankles, knees, and hips are in alignment; with their arch only flexing a little.

The over pronated gait means that your foot naturally rolls inwards a lot, hence needs a sneaker that has much more cushioning. By this time, an experienced trainer must have known or understood their gait. If not, the sales assistant at the designer sneakers store should be of help in identifying that.

Most sneaker designers do a great job at designing the sneaker that looks great, but also has a great midsole. The midsole are the most important part of your sneaker, and should be considered as carefully as the outside appearance.

A worn out midsole is a great indicator for you to replace your designer shoe. A comfortable midsole should be an indicator that you are purchasing a great sneaker.

Designer dress shoes for women

Designer dress shoes for women are some of the most beautiful wardrobe items for the modern woman. This woman can opt for neutrals, metallic, plains or just bold colors and prints that would boost the look of an otherwise plain outfit.

The heel type and under sole, give the shoe that extra unique factor, which would draw the attention of everyone else around her. The trick of purchasing a great pair of designer dress shoes for women is to try it on at the store and try walk around in it.

The designer dress shoes need to have a great feel, good balance, and a stable heel. In this way, you will sure look great in the shoes but also feel and look comfortable in them.

You can pick out two types of designer dress shoes. The dress shoe that is more suitable for corporate events and the workplace, or the designer dress shoes that are more for events such as dinner parties and weddings.

Different shoe designers have different things to offer.  For this reason, look out for designers whose style and finish work for your use to more frequent use such as to the workplace, and those designers whose dress shoes work well for your other events.

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Wholesale designer shoes for women

Wholesale designer shoes for women are a great option for women who want to purchase designer shoes for resale. Or alternatively women who want to purchase a couple of pairs at a more reasonable price.

Wholesale designer shoes can be found at wholesale stores, or direct at the manufacturer. Additionally, you can look at online stores that sell the shoes at wholesale.

Replica designer shoes for women

Replica designer shoes are simply copied shoes. The designs, material, logo are copied from the authentic designer shoe.

They look very similar to the authentic pairs; however you can tell some inconsistencies between the designer shoe, and its replica in their production or finish. Additionally, the designer shoes cost a lot more than the replica designer shoes. In this way, a lot more women can afford a pair or two, of these replica designer shoes.

So what drives women to purchase the designer shoe rather than the replica, bearing in mind the price differences? The designer shoes wear and tear is way less than that of replica designer shoes.

As a result, they last longer.  Also, the details included in the designer shoe are much more than those in replica designer shoes, hence take a lot longer to produce. So it would make sense to purchase an expensive shoe that would serve a longer time span, and has a better finish; rather than purchase a pair than needs replacing every so often.

Sometimes, a woman just needs to have a certain look. They want to have a great looking shoe that gives their outfit that extra spark.

And perhaps she would like to “look like” they are wearing a designer brand that looks so good without having to spend so much. This is where the replica designer shoe comes in. It makes sense for this woman to purchase replica designer shoes, because the intended use of the pair of shoes is saved for special occasions.

You can shop in various replica designer shoe stores, or even check in online stores; to find a pair that you like. Websites such as purse valley and trade plaza are examples of online stores where you can purchase a great pair of your replica designer shoes from your favorite brand. Brands such as Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Christian Louboutin, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Giuseppe Zanotti are available, and they look so close to the real deal.

Designer shoes for women on sale

The shoe addict may not want to compromise on the quality of the shoes that they purchase. This woman understands that an authentic pair of designer shoes for ladies would not only look good but also serve them such a long time.

They also understand that purchasing a pair of replica designer shoes is supporting an illegal business that hurts the designer. So, what better way to support the talented shoe designer than purchasing the designer shoes for ladies at an affordable price?

Yes, this is very possible, and from the very designers that sell their product at exorbitant prices. The trick is to wait to purchase designer shoes for women on sale.

Make a point of noting the stores clearance sale dates. This is when they sell these good quality designer shoes for ladies at really cheap prices so as to clear stock in preparation for the new season.

It would also be highly beneficial for you to make friends with a store assistant at your favorite designer shoe store. In this way, you can have an agreement for him or her, to remind or let you know about upcoming store sales.

Purchasing them on sale will allow you to get two or so pairs at the original price of one. This saves you a lot of money without compromising on the shoe quality that you like so much.