Celebrity Shoes

Celebrity Shoes That Have Made A Mark In Our Trendy World

Written by Wallace Muya

Being a celebrity is a lifestyle of being famous and most sorted out in a society. Being a celebrity means that you will be worshiped and adored.

A celebrity’s shoe is a shoe that is considered classy, comfortable and universal. Everyone admires the shoe and would want to own a similar pair.

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They are categorized under men’s shoes as well as ladies’ shoes. They come in various other sub-categories such as sandals, boots, heels, official footwear, sneakers, and sportswear.

A shoe is considered a celebrity shoe once it is under high demand all over the world. The trending styles change only too often depending on the season and the style at a particular time.

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There are also times when a shoe becomes a trend after a famous and influential person wears it and it looks glamorous on them. Most shoe companies prefer to use this method as a marketing strategy as it is fast, easy and cost effective.

The whole world is usually made aware of the latest trend of any fashion statement by observing what the celebrities wear. It is quite elaborative that birds of a feather flock together as the different celebrity shoes are worn by the celebrities of this world, amazing!

There are also particular brands that are priceless and are still producing shoes that make the world come to a stand-still to admire the great work.

Some of the most trending sneakers as of now are as follows:

  • The Adidas Ultra boost– that is considered the best shoe for running as it delivers the performance of any athlete.

Adidas Ultra boost for ladies

  • Diadora N.9000- it is also a great shoe for all runners. It was launched in the early 90s and finally had a huge comeback in 2014.
  • KangaROOS Coil R1– they are a brand from the German origin that was produced in very limited quantities. They are also made for runners.
  • Nike Kyrie1– is a basketball sneaker that is infused with the latest and greatest Nike innovation that is designed with a sleek silhouette and a heel that is made of an aggressive geometric shape.
  • Nike Zoom HyperCross– it is associated with the Air Yeezy 2. It is designed to make performance training much more wearable.

These are just a few of many brands and categories and are mainly for sporting purposes. There are also some sneakers that are usually just for looking glam in such as the sneaker wedges, the high-top, the slip-ons and the low-rise among others. And their trend is awesome and truly amazing.

Different sneaker companies collaborate with various celebrities in order to make them a great hit. For instance, Reebok has a connection with one of the celebrities who were promoting peace between rival gangs.

In addition, there is usually an observation that is done to unveil which type of sneaker is most famous among the celebrities. For instance, that is how the Air Jordan sneakers became a great hit.

Apart from their elegant, sporty look, most celebrities loved these shoes and wore them to almost any event they possibly could and even went as far as to sing about them. These celebrities were both ladies as well as the gents.

Other sneakers that are popular among the rich and famous include the Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost, Adidas Jwall, Nike Air Command Force, Nike Air Force 1, Puma Pulse XT, Nike Zoom Vapor and the Nike Air Jordan among others.

Even with the sexy heels that the ladies prefer to wear, they do not leave out the sneakers. The sneakers are considered as a God sent gift to relieve their sore and exhausted soles.

This was only made easier when chic sneakers were made more stylish and trendier. This trend among the ladies was started with Isabel Marant’s wedged sneaker that occurred several seasons ago. It relieved hardworking ladies from teetering on needle-thin heels or hobbling home after a night of aching pain.

Celebrity shoes pictures are taken in various angles, lighting and positions in order to entice a client to purchase them. Whether they are being worn by someone, or they are just on their own, they need to be presented in the best possible way.

There is nothing that intrigues a woman as the image of an elegant and classy shoe; whether it is to be used for dress up or just a sporty wear. Presentation is everything when trying to impress and entice a potential buyer.

Celebrity ladies shoes range from low lace-up sandals to knee high and sky-high platform boots. They always have a certain fashion statement that they are meant to elaborate to their fans as well as the rest of the world.

They are made from leather or other animal hides in order to attract a certain look for themselves. Their sexiest trend is the strappy high heel sandals. Ladies shoes can come in a Variety of vibrant colors graphics and even in gladiator forms.

Some of the celebrity ladies’ shoes are categorized from the type of shoe to the designer who designed the shoe that came to existence. That is why when you hear of a shoe, its name is usually put together with the designer’s name, for instance, the Giuseppe Zanotti Concave wedge or the strappy Prabal Gurung black pointy toe shoes.

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Celebrity designer shoes are those that have been designed by someone who is already famous in the shoe design industry. There are some of the shoes brands that will never fade away anytime soon. The major celebrity designers’ shoes are as mentioned below:

  • Jimmy Choo– it has a perfect artistry that makes it easy for the fans to stay loyal to it.
  • Christian Louboutin– these made the heel even higher by the addition of the platform and most of the time they are easily recognizable from its red sole that became its signature. Even though it has been counterfeited so many times, the company is still flourishing and is identifying the fake companies.
  • Manolo Blahnik these shoes represent a classical style. The designer did not focus on trending designs but instead on creating the stiletto heel and, therefore, his style is not going anywhere anytime soon.
  • Louis Vuitton products– are definitely elegant, stylish, classy and highly fashionable due to the wonderful work quality and comfort they offer. It is a brand that signifies excellence.
  • Alexander McQueen – is famous for the luxury shoe line that is classy and edge cutting at the same time. The shoes he has designed are designed with great elegance and beauty.
  • Gucci– these shoes are highly commendable for their quality and comfort as well.

Most of these designer celebrity shoes are for women however, there are those that are for the gents as well.

Celebrity dance shoes come in variety as they depend on what type of dancing is being undertaken. The categories of dancing shoes are as follows:

  • The Children’s ballroom, Latin, and salsa shoes
  • The Women’s ballroom, Latin, and salsa shoes
  • The Men’s ballroom, Latin and Salsa shoes
  • Dance sneakers
  • Jazz shoes
  • Flamenco shoes
  • The Ballet shoes
  • Pointe shoes

It is very important that one picks the shoe that is recommended for the different types of dancing in order to avoid injuries during dancing. It also makes it easier to do the dance moves.

For instance if you use ballerina shoes to do tap dancing then it becomes difficult to do the tapping sound and if you use jazz shoes to dance to hip hop music then you will not have the comfort and flexibility that dance sneakers give.

Celebrity cheap shoes are available at different areas there that include wholesale and retail shops as well as online stores that ensure that the shoe can be delivered anywhere in the world. There are also certain online stores that are based only in particular countries.

For instance, there is Backyard Shoes in Kenya and China Cheap Shoes in China. Most of the cheap celebrity shoes are second hand but are still in incredibly perfect condition.

They range from the sneakers; for both men and ladies to the gents’ official shoes to ladies strappy sandals to the knee high boots, whether high or low heeled. The shoes come in different sizes and colors as well.

There are also men’s leather sandals of different colors and sizes to suit everyone. The presence of these selling points make it much easier to purchase celebrity shoes of your choice and accordance depending on your budget, style, size and even preferred color.

There are also various boutiques that offer coupons that give one the ability to buy the shoes at a much lower price at a given and particular time.  These coupons have amazing discount offers that one could easily die for.

There is also the option of using certain shipping companies that bring in these celebrity prices at a much lower price. This is really convenient as you can get to order exactly what you want at a particular size and color as well.

Celebrity shoes sales are held during the change of different seasons as different store have their clearance sale. For instance, the Nike store could be looking to clear all their old stock and hence will give enormous discounts.

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There are different seasons for clearance for instance Nike could clear all their basketball stock at the end f the season’s premier. The sales are usually very brief and specific as to which brands or types of shoes that are to be part of the sale.

More often than not, the latest celebrity shoe is not part of the sale. Probably a previous model is put on the line for the sale. So for the ladies, the trendy of all shoes include the high heels.

They definitely give you all the height advantage you need as well as a graceful gait, they make you utterly attractive and in addition to all that, you get a great boost of confidence. The same applies for the gents; well designed, comfortable, clean shoes give a great boost of confidence.

You can get things done at a good pace as long as you are comfortable in your own skin. When it comes to wearing the correct dancing shoes, it is always essential in order to avoid any injuries and strains on your feet or any other part of your body particularly your back.

Shoes are designed to protect your feet, but that does not mean you should not wear something trendy and stylish. In fact, it is even better when you do because it gives you an attractive look that definitely steers on confidence.

There is a belief that the ladies familiarize themselves with that says, you can know what kind of a person a guy is from the type of shoe that he puts on.Celebrity shoes are trendy and attractive but sometimes they are not the best shoes.

Heels for instant can strain our backs while shoes that are badly postured can give you aches as well affect your muscles and when worst comes to worst the strains can lead to tendon injuries. Always ensure that you take extra care of your feet as well in order to ensure that you do not contract athlete’s foot or nail fungus.

These are dangerous diseases that can be easily infected to others. If you want to look classy and elegant with great trendy shoes then ensure that they are well taken care of so that you can enjoy the full benefit of the shoes.

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Be wise in choosing shoes not just by their looks but also to fit your needs well and match the occasion. Do not sacrifice your comfort for just looks. All the same, this world is diverse and there must be a shoe that will suit you when it comes to size, outlook, and the activity you want to per take in.

Confidence is everything and your shoes also have the ability to help you in attaining the right amount of confidence.