Classic VIP Leather Shoes

For one to land the title VIP one needs to understand the status and caliber of his or her state. Very Important Persons or even Very Very Important Persons (VVIP) are people of great standings in the society worldwide. This shoes brands are worn on special occasions by very important people expected in a particular […]

Contraversial Super Bowl 2017 Hits All Time High

This is US most admired sport and everyone is asking when is the super bowl 2017 coming. The super bowl carries the US culture and has been here for the longest. Its as old as the American history. Super bowl game in NFL is popular like presidents executive order. NFL’s big assignments are about to […]


Any type of alcohol is known to trigger gout otherwise known as arthritis. Gout disease or arthritis disease is a combination of diet and genetics.   Gout disease is a combination of excess uric acid in the blood system. The uric acid in high levels crystallizes and the crystals deposits in tendons, joints and the […]

Painful Real Harm Of High Heels Shoes Revealed

This is sad news to many women across the globe.  High heels pumps shoes are trending but many beautiful girls and ladies are slowly plunging their health into crisis. Stylish but uncomfortable is the results in pain on the foot all the way to the back. This is what is the female gender does not […]